FAQ — On-chain Crypto Withdrawals
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    Are there any withdrawal limits on the Bybit platform? 
    Yes, there are. Please refer to the table below for more details. 
    VIP LevelNon KYCIndividual KYC Lv. 1Individual KYC Lv. 2Business KYC
    Non-VIPDaily withdrawal limit ≤ 20K USDT Monthly withdrawal limit ≤ 100K USDTDaily limit  ≤ 1M USDTDaily limit  ≤ 2M USDTDaily limit  ≤ 4M USDT
    VIP 1Daily limit ≤ 6M USDT
    VIP 2
    VIP 3
    VIP 4Daily limit ≤ 8M USDT
    VIP 5Daily limit ≤ 10M USDT
    Supreme VIPDaily limit ≤ 12M USDT
    PRO 1
    PRO 2Daily limit ≤ 15M USDT
    PRO 3Daily limit ≤ 20M USDT
    PRO 4Daily limit ≤ 25M USDT
    PRO 5Daily limit ≤ 30M USDT
    — Daily withdrawal limit is updated every 12AM (midnight) UTC.
    — Monthly withdrawal limit will reset at 12AM (midnight) UTC on the first day of each month.
    — There is no monthly withdrawal limit for users who have completed Identity Verification Lv. 1 or Lv. 2. 
    — All token withdrawal limits shall follow USDT equivalent value.
    — Please note that you may be required to provide KYC verification before Bybit approves your withdrawal request.
    — VIP users are entitled to higher withdrawal limits which will be set by default at 1M for KYC Lv. 1 and 2M for KYC Lv.2 on your Account & Security settings. If you want to increase your withdrawal limit, you will need to manually adjust the withdrawal limit amount as per the guide here.
    All token withdrawal limits shall follow USDT equivalent value. For more information on KYC, please proceed to this page. For any special requests, please reach out to our live chat support.
    Can I change my withdrawal limit?  
    Yes, please refer to this article for more information. Please note that your withdrawal limit is subject to your VIP and KYC level. 
    Why am I unable to see any withdrawable balance when I have funds in Derivatives and Earn accounts?
    All withdrawals can only be done via your Funding Account or Spot Account. Please ensure the funds are transferred to one of these accounts before making any withdrawal. For more information, please refer to
    How to submit a withdrawal request?
    When does Bybit process withdrawal requests?
    Instant withdrawal may take up to 15 mins to process. However, please note that in the event of high network congestion, withdrawals may take a longer time to process.

    Why is my account restricted from performing a withdrawal?

    For account and asset security purposes, please be informed that the following actions will lead to withdrawal restrictions for 24 hours:

    1. Changing or resetting your account password

    2. Changing of registered mobile number or email address

    3. Activating the New Address Withdrawal Lock function on your account 

    4. Disabling or resetting Google Authenticator

    5. Changing or disabling your Fund Password

    6. Transferring your KYC Identity to another account

    7. Self-reactivation account


    Please note that actions considered as withdrawals include Crypto On-Chain Withdrawal, Internal Transfer, Fiat Withdrawal, or P2P Trading (sell). For more information, please refer to Common Reasons for Unsuccessful Withdrawal Request Submissions.  
    How can I check which crypto can be withdrawn from Bybit and which coin withdrawals are suspended ?
    You can check the real-time status of all the updated tokens/chains that Bybit supports for deposit and withdrawal here.

    I want to make a withdrawal but the service for this token/chain is currently suspended. How can I get notified when this particular token/chain service has been resumed?

    You can now set automatic alerts on the Withdrawal page by selecting the token and chain type of your choice and clicking on Set Alert


    FAQ - Crypto Wit 02.png


    Alternatively, you can go to  the Deposit/Withdrawal status page and search for the token and chain. The Set Alert button will be visible for next to the “Suspended” deposit status.


    FAQ - Crypto Wit 01.png




    Is there a minimum amount for withdrawal? What is the withdrawal fee?

    Yes, there is. You can consult the minimum withdrawal amount and withdrawal fees of each coin and its relevant chain type on the Crypto Deposit/Withdrawal Status page. This information will also appear in the withdrawal window after selecting the coin and chain type.


    FAQ - Crypto Wit 03.png




    Is the withdrawal fee already included in the withdrawal amount I have indicated?

    By default, the withdrawal fee will be deducted from the indicated withdrawal amount. However, it is possible to modify this setting by clicking on Set Up and selecting the preferred deduction method.


    FAQ - Crypto Wit 04.png

    Note: If you have selected the “Withdrawal Amount Entered = Amount Received” deduction method, you will need to adjust the withdrawal amount by deducting the fee amount as clicking on the All button will show the error message “The requested withdrawal amount exceeds your available balance”.
    Do I need to pay a withdrawal fee for Internal Transfer?
    No, there is no withdrawal fee charged for Internal Transfer. Please refer to How to Withdraw Assets via Internal Transfer for more information.
    How can I check my withdrawal status?
    You can check your withdrawal status and details from Funding Account History → Withdraw. 
    FAQ - Crypto Withdrawal 02.png
    How can I get the TXID (Transaction Hash) of my withdrawal?
    You can get the TXID from the Funding Account HistoryWithdraw page and click on the details to check your withdrawal address and TXID. 
    FAQ - Crypto Withdrawal 03.png
    I can see that the withdrawal status is complete, but why have I not received it on the recipient wallet?
    Please contact the customer support of the withdrawal wallet address provider or exchange, and provide them with the TXID of the respective withdrawal request.
    If your assets have been refunded to Bybit due to certain reasons, please submit a case via this form and provide us the details of the transaction. Our Customer Support will reach out to you via email as soon as possible.
    Why do I see a risk warning window when I submit my withdrawal? 
    FAQ - Crypto Withdrawal 04.png
    It happens when the system detects any potential security risk to the withdrawal address. In such cases, we strongly advise that you consider using an alternative withdrawal address.

    If you still wish to proceed with the same address, the withdrawal request may be rejected if the address is deemed high-risk. Your account may be imposed a withdrawal restriction until additional verification documents are provided via email, if required.
    Why are Bybit withdrawal fees relatively higher compared to other platforms?
    Bybit charges a fixed fee for all withdrawals and dynamically adjusts the batch transfer miner fee to a higher level to ensure faster confirmation speeds of withdrawals on the blockchain.
    Can traders fix their own withdrawal fees on Bybit?
    At the moment, no. However, Bybit is considering enabling this option for traders to determine their own withdrawal fees in the future.
    What do the various statuses inside Withdrawal History symbolize?
    a) Under Review: Traders have successfully submitted their withdrawal request and are pending a withdrawal review.
    b) Withdrawal In Progress: The withdrawal request has been successfully reviewed and is pending submission onto the blockchain.
    c) Sent: The withdrawal request is now being processed and pending validation on the blockchain. 
    d) Withdrawal Completed: The withdrawal of assets is successful and complete.
    e) Canceled: The withdrawal request has been canceled by the user.
    f) Rejected: The withdrawal request has been rejected due to various reasons.
    Does Bybit support withdrawals to a Smart Contract ETH wallet address?
    No, Bybit does not support ETH withdrawals via Smart Contracts method. Instead, Bybit only supports ETH withdrawals via Direct Transfer method.
    Does Bybit support withdrawals to a segwit BTC wallet address?
    Yes, Bybit supports withdrawals to segwit BTC wallet addresses starting with "bc1", also known as bech32 addresses.
    For coins that require a tag/memo, does Bybit support withdrawals to a wallet address without a tag/memo?
    Yes, Bybit does support withdrawals to a wallet address without tag/memo. However, please be aware that it is the traders' sole responsibility to check with their destination wallet address provider on the need to indicate a tag/memo when transferring out of Bybit. Bybit will not be responsible for any missing coins due to withdrawal without indicating any tag/memo.
    I tried to transfer ETH to Bybit wallet address and it states that Bybit ETH wallet address is not EIP55 ready. What can I do?
    Convert your account's Bybit ETH wallet address to become EIP55 ready. To do so, copy your ETH wallet address into Etherscan, perform a search and the corresponding EIP55-ready wallet address will appear on the top left corner (red box).
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    Why is there an "Invalid Code" error message when I input the 2FA code while making a withdrawal?
    "Invalid Code" happens when the date or time on the 2FA code generating device is incorrect. This is often caused by traveling to another time zone and the device's time zone settings not being synchronized. To resolve the issue, please refer to Troubleshooting: Google Authenticator "Invalid Code" error.
    How do I cancel my withdrawal?
    To cancel a withdrawal request, please refer to How to cancel your withdrawal request. Please note that you can only cancel withdrawal requests in pending review status.
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