How to Buy Coins with Your Bank Card on Bybit
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    Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you buy coins with fiat currencies, using bank card payments on Bybit.


    Currently, Visa and Mastercard payments are supported. Please also complete identity verification before purchasing coins. To learn more about KYC requirements, please refer to FAQ — Bank Payments.





    Step 1: Access the One-Click Buy page by clicking on MoreBuy Crypto → One-Click Buy.



    Step 2: Select the fiat and cryptocurrencies you would like to use as well as the direction of your order, enter your order amount, and click on Next.







    Step 3: You will see an estimated conversion rate for each payment method available. Select Bank Card and click on Deposit.


    If you have already added your bank card information, your card should be listed under the Bank Card payment method. Select the card that you would like to use and click on Deposit to proceed with the card payment (Step 5).


        Buy Coins Bank Card 01.png 






    Step 4: An information box will list down the bank cards supported on One-Click Buy. Ensure that your bank card is supported before adding your card information and click on Continue once done.





    • You may be required to fill in the billing address. Please ensure that the billing address entered matches your bank card’s registered address.

    • Your bank account name must be consistent with your registered name on Bybit.

    • You may need to enter a CVV code and/or pass 3DS verification.






    Step 5: Please verify that the details you’ve entered are correct and then click on Continue to confirm your order.







    Step 6: Card payment is processed. You may be prompted to enter a one-time passcode or confirm the transaction from your Bank App. There is a chance that 3D secure code will be needed. 


    Card payment processing usually takes a few seconds. If you encounter any issue during your bank card payment process, please refer to Troubleshooting: Failed Payments.






    Step 7: Transaction is complete. The coins will be credited to your account immediately after the purchase is complete.


    To view your order history, please click on the Order icon in the upper right corner for more details.


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