How to Apply for a Bybit Card (EEA)

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    Bybit Card is a Mastercard debit card that enables easy and secure access to your fiat and digital funds for spending on the go. We offer virtual Bybit Card for you to make online payments and also physical Bybit Card for you to use in-store or at the ATM. This article will guide you step-by-step on how to apply for a Bybit Card.

    For Virtual Bybit Card

    Step 1: Launch the Bybit App, and log in to your account. Tap on More located on the home page, then tap on Card.


    Apply BC EEA 01.png

    Step 2: Tap on Apply Now and select your country of residence and click on Register. 


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    Note: Bybit Card is currently only available in limited countries. If your selected country of residence is not within the supported countries, we will register your interest now and inform you when Bybit Card is coming to your country.

    Step 3:

    a) Complete the requirement of Eligibility Check: Identity Verification. Click Verify.

    • Proof of Identity accepted includes National ID, Passport, EEA Residence Permit or EEA Driving License.

    • In certain cases, you may be required to submit 2 types of Proof of Identity.


    Apply BC EEA 03.png

    b) Complete the second requirement of Eligibility Check: Address Verification. Select the Country/region of Issue (the country/region that issued your Proof of Address) and click Verify.

    • Proof of Address must be issued within the last 3 months.

    • Proof of Address must be issued within one of the supported countries.

    • In certain cases, you are required to enter your address and may verify without a Proof of Address.

    Step 4: Confirm (or set up) your registered phone number and email address. You will also be requested to set up Google 2FA if you have not set it up yet. 


    You may input the Referral Code at this stage if any. Please note that once you click on Confirm, you won't be able to change the referral code. For more information about the Bybit Card Referral Program, please refer to FAQ - Bybit Card Referral Program.


    Step 5: Set up your Security Question and click Submit. Enter your email and Google 2FA code to submit your virtual Bybit Card application.


    A security question may be presented during a transaction to authenticate your identity. Please remember your answer.


    Apply BC EEA 05.png


    After successful submission, your virtual Bybit Card application will be under review and this usually takes a few minutes. In some cases, the review can take up to 7 working days. You will be notified via email when your application is successful.


    — Add and to your address book to ensure our email enters your inbox.

    — Overseas payments do not require additional activation of your Bybit Card. However, a foreign exchange fee will be charged. For more information, please refer to Fees and Spending Limits (Bybit Card).

    For Physical Bybit Card

    To apply for a physical card, you must first successfully obtain a virtual card.



    Step 1: Launch the Bybit App, and log in to your account. Tap on More located on the home page, then tap on Card. Tap Apply Now on the physical Bybit Card Application banner.


    Apply BC EEA 13.png 

    Step 2: Edit the display name on your card. The display name can only contain up to 21 Latin characters and spaces.


    Apply BC EEA 14.png

    Step 3: Edit your shipping address. The shipping address should be the same as the address submitted for your virtual Bybit Card's Address Verification.


    Apply BC EEA 15.png


    Note: Bybit reserves the right to reject any address change request if the edited address is inconsistent with your virtual Bybit Card's Address Verification. We currently do not support submitting additional proof of address to change the shipping address.

    Step 4: Set and verify your PIN. The PIN will be used for ATM transactions and to make large purchases at retail merchants. You can still reset the PIN after activating the card. However, please keep your PIN securely and privately.


    Apply BC EEA 16.png 

    Step 5: Click on Apply after you have confirmed the details. Your address change request will be reviewed within 7 business days and you will be informed of the outcome via email.


    Tips: Add and to your address book to ensure our email enters your inbox.

    Step 6

    a) Once your address review is approved, you may go back to the application page and click on Apply where you will be prompted to pay for the card issuance fee.


    The issuance fee for the physical Bybit Card is deducted directly from your Funding Account. Choose your desired payment method and click on Pay. Enter your email and Google 2FA code to confirm the payment.

    b) If your application is rejected, you will be able to edit the address and resubmit the application. Kindly refer back to Step 3.

    Step 7: Once the payment is complete, you will see a pop-up saying that your application is successful. You may click the View Status button to be redirected to the Card Management page.


    Apply BC EEA 17.png 


    The card delivery might take up to 30 days to arrive. We are not able to provide the shipment status details as the delivery method used does not offer a tracking service. Please refer to this FAQ if you have not received it for more than 30 days.

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