How to Use Copy Trading Bonus
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    A Copy Trading Bonus can be used as the margin for Copy Trades, but are not withdrawable. Profits earned from the transaction are withdrawable. For followers, please note that any remaining copy trading bonuses will be void if you unfollow your Master Trader after using the bonus.


    All Copy Trading bonuses will be automatically distributed to eligible users' Rewards Hub after an event ends. Users will have to manually claim their rewards from the Rewards Hub. The Copy Trading Bonus is currently applicable only to USDT Perpetual Trading within the Copy Trading and cannot be used for Trading Bots within Copy Trading.




    Claim Your Copy Trading Bonus

    Before initiating a trade with the Copy Trading bonus, please make sure you have claimed the bonuses in our Rewards Hub. The bonuses can be used to cover the trading fee, trading loss or funding fee incurred on Copy Trading.



    — You can only receive and claim the Copy Trading bonus on your Main Account. However, the bonus can be utilized on the Copy Trading trade on Subaccount once it is claimed. It can only be applied to Copy Trading and not other Derivatives products or trading tools.

    — Only bonuses applicable to Copy Trading will be displayed on the Copy Trading page.


    To view rewards details, please click on My Rewards to learn more. Do note that the Copy Trading bonus must be claimed within a certain time frame to be valid. Please ensure that you claim the bonus before the deadline. Once claimed, the bonus will not expire and can be used at any time according to your preference.



    As a Master Trader

    After claiming the Copy Trading bonus from the Rewards Hub, please click on Add Now to add the bonus to your Copy Trading Account.


    Once confirmed, your bonus will be added to the available balance in your Copy Trading Account. You can start to initiate a trade with your bonus or principal!


    To check bonuses credited to your Copy Trading wallet balance, you can view the type of Bonus Addition on the Copy Trading Transaction History.





    As a Follower

    The Copy Trading bonus for Followers can be used to copy a Master Trader’s trades and increase your investment amount.  Please note that any remaining bonuses will be forfeited when you cancel copy the Master Trader and close your all positions.


    a) Copy a Master Trader’s Trades 

    When creating your copy trades, you can enter the bonus amount you wish to deduct from your Copy Trading Account.


    b) Increase Investment Amount

    You can use the Copy Trading bonus when increasing your investment amount.


    Do note that when reducing your investment amount, the Copy Trading bonus cannot be withdrawn to your account. 


    To view your bonus history, please head to the Copy Trading Transaction History page. if Follower A invests 100 USDT and chooses to use 1 USDT of bonus while following a Master Trader, two records will be displayed: 99 USDT from their own principal and 1 USDT bonus transferred to the Copy Trading Account.

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