Introduction to Copy Trading on Bybit
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    Copy Trading is a portfolio management tool that allows traders to copy trades executed by other expert investors in the markets.


    The goal of Copy Trading is for traders — Followers and Master Traders

    • Followers have the same trading strategy as the investors they are copying. 

    • As experienced investors, Master Traders can promote their trading strategies, attract new Followers, and receive a corresponding percentage of the net profit earned by each of their Followers on Bybit, according to the level of Master Traders as follows.







    Profit Sharing Ratio





    Bybit's Copy Trading platform strives to bring Followers and Master Traders a win-win trading experience. Currently, Copy Trading supports followers to copy Master Trader’s trades from the USDT Perpetual and Trading bot. 


    While Copy Trading can be lucrative, there are risks involved, and Followers should take note that the past performance of Master Traders is not a guarantee of future returns. Also, the return on investment (ROI) of Followers may not be 100% the same as their Master Traders due to limitations such as slippage, different entry points or more. For more information, please refer to here.

    How a Copy Trade Works

    Copy trading operates across two main products: USDT perpetual trading and the futures grid bot. As a master trader, you can initiate a trade in USDT perpetual trading, which prompts followers to mirror the signal and copy the trade.  Ignoring other factors, Followers can replicate the trade either proportionately based on the ratio between their available balance and the master trader's balance or in a fixed margin amount, determined by the follower's settings. Please note that followers will only copy the Master Trader’s trades executed from the moment they start following. 


    Additionally, if a master trader creates a trading bot, followers can copy the same bot by mirroring the parameters set by the master trader. Once copied, the execution of orders within the trading bot follows the same process as in a normal account.


    To become a Master Trader, you can go to the Copy Trading page on your Main Account to join as a Trader. As a result, you can earn a percentage of profit sharing from your followers should there be any net profit earned by your followers. For more details, please refer to How to Become a Master Trader.


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